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A young California boy raised in a divorced home, soon got into Gang life, and attended 3 different high schools. Life continued to be unstable, and conflict was rising with both his parents, so he fled into the US ARMY for 8 years and went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. While in the military he found Christ and grew to become a strong believer in the gospel. He grew up a little, got married and had a few children. Eventually he left the military to attend film school in Florida and at the conclusion of his school experience, his wife cheated on him. Financially broke and sleeping in his car for about a year, he discovered his mother had stage 4 cancer. After his mother passed and his divorce was finalized, he went to seminary school and earned his master’s in divinity only to discover he didn’t really fit in well with church politics. Through his pain and experiences, he has developed a voice and uses that voice in this platform to share his perspective on various topics around race, religion, and black culture. All who want to join him in this journey are welcome. Blunt, Spiritual, Truthful, and hints of conspiracy make the Stephen Era Podcast a unique listening experience.

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